he Burmese is an elegant and refined breed. Once given to Novitiate Monks to raise in the Temples, they have been cultivated for centuries to be devoted and loving companions. They are known for their keen intelligence, sleek, graceful bodies, and short, gleaming fur with the subtle sheen of finely woven silk. Their posture is regal, their lovely broad chest proudly crested. Wonderfully calm and adaptive, they readily bond with children, adults, feline and canine friends. Forever young, they retain their playful, sometimes silly antics well into adulthood. They are ever curious and always up for a game of "fetch" or a dive under the covers or chasing a beam of sunlight seeking the warmest spot in the house. Whether they are dark, luscious "sable", honey-brown "champagne", pearly "platinum" or baby blue, their mesmerizing golden eyes speak volumes as to the depth of their affections.

nce having succumbed to their legendary charms, you will forever want to have a Burmese - or two or three - in your life. We invite you to our website to visit the wonderful world of Burmese. We're sure you will be enchanted!

Above: CH Bon Marché Bordeaux
Left: GC Bon Marché Giselle & kitten
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